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Meaning of the Color Yellow

When we see the bright color yellow, we associate this with youth, happiness or joy, but the wrong shade of yellow can have the opposite effect.

Yellow is a Feel Good Color

Associated with Joy and Happiness. It also represents intellect and energy.

Yellow has a warming, at home effect and promotes cheerfulness, stimulates the mind and encourages muscle activity.

Though this color is effective in promoting a cheerful, happy mood, it can also promote a sense of instability as it is also the color of "warning".

This color can be tricky to use as a background, too bright can be hard on the eyes and too dark can have a dingy look. Pops of this color can bring cheerfulness to your background or photo - too much of it can actually be depressing.

Color variation

Light Yellow : Intellect, freshness and Joy

Retailers use this color to promote happiness or cheerfulness, but also use this color for clearance signs, as it mirrors our every day traffic color for "yield" and signals us to "get ready to stop".

When using this color for a backdrop or as part of your logo or banner, be mindful of the shade as a person's mood can swing from happy to depressed depending on the subject of the photo or article.

Yellow in Fashion

As you can see, yellow adds a touch of whimsy by putting us in a cheerful mindset. The shades of yellow used in these photos promotes happiness, even when the subject of the photo appears depressed or sad.

Yellow in Design & Architecture

The use of yellow adds a touch of sunshine in these photos and makes the atmosphere appear happier. You'll also notice the caution tape added to this group of photos to show that the shade of yellow will either relax you or cause you to be on alert.

I hope this article has been helpful in giving you some understanding of the definition of yellow and can help you make the best decision for your home, wardrobe or business design.

- Nykole

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