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Poshmark US & Canada | Make a Global Connection

Poshmark's Canada Beta was launched May 29, 2019 in Vancouver, moving Poshmark even closer to the next steps of global e-commerce.

As of May, Canadians who want to join Poshmark can now go to to download the app. The app is the same for America and Canada, so no need to look for a separate app, you won't find it, because it doesn't exist.

If this is something that interests you and you want to view Canada's listings...

On the Mobile App, go to Poshmark Markets

Click on the Flag

Here, you can swap between American and Canadian listings.

International shipping from the US to Canada or Canada to the US is not currently available, but a buyer in Canada can purchase from a seller in the US as long as they have a US based shipping address and vice versa.

So, if you live in Canada and you want to purchase from or sell to the US, you'll need to have a US shipping address to send and receive Poshmark orders and vice versa,

If you live in the US and want to buy from or sell to Canada, you'll need to have a Canadian based shipping address.

I must say that these are exciting times. If you're thinking of selling to or buying from Canada in the future, I encourage you to take a look at Canada's listings. The concept is awesome, giving you even more opportunities to spread and receive Posh love.

Happy Poshing!


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