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POSHMARK Shipping | What You Need and the Process

Before you make your first sale on Poshmark – Get prepared.

You’ll need shipping supplies and a printer.  You’ll need these things first because you’ll find yourself in a pickle if you try to scramble to get these supplies after your first sale.

You could wait, but I’m all about being prepared, life is much easier when you don’t wait until the last minute to get things done if you can help it.

To get started, you’ll need a printer, printer paper, boxes or bags to ship and packaging tape. 

First – The Printer

The type of printer you use boils down to preference and budget – I personally use an inkjet printer – found it for about $40 bucks on amazon – to use this type of printer, you’ll need printer paper and ink cartridges.  You’ll also need tape for this type of label, so that it can be affixed to the package being sent. 

Side note –when I first got started, I used packaging tape to affix the label, as I gained sales and experience, I started using label pouches – they’re easier to deal with, they look more professional and you save time and tape because it’s a breeze to protect the label and with these pouches, tape is not necessarily needed to reinforce the hold.

If you have a little more to spare, a Dymo printer may also be something you’re interested in.  I’ve seen these printers run anywhere from around $175 - $200.  For this printer, you’ll need the compatible adhesive labels, but unlike the ink-jet printer, you do not need ink for these labels – the Dymo is a direct thermal printer – it uses heat from a thermal print head to print on specially treated, heat-sensitive labels.

Next – Packing & Shipping Supplies

You can visit the Shipping Supply List page to get full details about everything you'll need on hand to sell on Poshmark, but for this article, I’ll only be covering the supplies used to actually ship the order.

The cheapest way to get supplies like boxes and waterproof envelopes is to order from

USPS offers free boxes in various sizes and dimensions.  They also offer Tyvek waterproof envelopes for free.  When ordering take note that it will take around 5-7 business days to receive your supplies.  Also be sure to NOT order the Priority Express mail supplies with the Blue Border as these are not permitted by Poshmark.

Now that we’ve gotten the foundation or the basics out of the way….let’s get to the shipping process.

When you make a sale on Poshmark – they'll send you an email that includes the invoice and an attachment of the shipping label.  The label includes the buyers shipping information (their name and mailing address), it also includes your information as the return address.

Once your items are boxed, affix this label to your box or bag to ship.  Take note of the weight of your package.  If the package is more than 5lbs, you’ll need to upgrade your label.

You can request a new label by going to the app and clicking on the new label option.

How Do I Upgrade My Shipping Label?

1. Go to the 'My Sales' section in your account tab in the app. Then, click on the order that needs a label upgrade.

2. Tap on 'Need New Shipping Label'.

3. Tap on 'Need Heavier Weight Label'. Go to 'Weight' and select the desired total weight for your label.

4. Tap 'Next' and then 'Send New Label'. The new label will be sent to your email.

Side note: when you upgrade a label, the extra costs comes from you, not the customer.  Here a chart of the cost for upgraded labels in increments of 1 lb.

Once you’ve established the correct label, affix this to your package and it’s ready to ship – it’s just that simple.  You can ship items from your mailbox, USPS blue boxes or from the Post office.

I hope this information has been helpful in explaining the process of Poshmark shipping.  A simple and quick process that takes the guess work out of fees, leaving more time for what’s important here – making sales.

Happy Poshing!


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