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Here is a list of supplies I suggest to keep at all times.  Part of providing great customer service is being mindful of the condition of your shipment. 
We can't control the condition of the outer package itself, but we have all the control over how items are packaged.

Your shipping methods are a reflection of you.  If your customer receives a balled, heavily wrinkled item, there's a strong chance this won't be a return customer.  This reflects negatively on your brand and will eventually effect your ratings.


You will need a printer to print labels for shipping.  I personally use an inkjet printer that I bought online for about $40 and it works just fine for me. For this type of printer, you'll need ink cartridges, copy paper and tape to seal the label*.

If you're willing and/or able to spend a little more and you want to save the time of printing and cutting the label, a Dymo printer is also an option. Dymo printers use thermal heat to print the labels, so ink is not required.

The type of printer you decide to use will boil down how much you want to spend, and how you decide to devote your time.


As stated previously. to print labels, you'll either need copy paper or Dymo adhesive labels. These supplies can be purchased online or at your local office supply store.

When using copy paper, note that you'll need to cut or fold your labels for shipping. If you're concerned about using too much paper with this method, you can set your printer to print labels on half of the page. This way, you can get two labels out one piece of paper.

If a Dymo is more your steed, you'll need to get the "4XL" labels with the 4XL printer. This is the only printer and labels that are compatible with Poshmark labels.

- To learn more about setting your printer read How to print 2 pages per sheet This link will direct you to an external PDF from "Pathwaysrtc" with instructions on how to set your printer.


You can get boxes completely Free from USPS. Be sure to order the priority mail boxes, Priority express boxes are not permitting when shipping for Poshmark (a package sent using this type of box may be sent back to you, and you could miss out on a sale).



You'll need packaging tape or label pouches to seal boxes and to attach labels to those boxes.  Packages shipped via USPS are only allowed to use clear or brown packaging tape.  Packaging tape is highly available in many locations, but I've found the ordering online is the cheapest way to go because it's easier and cheaper to buy in bulk.

Along with tape, you'll also need a dispenser. Most times dispensers are included with the tape, but if you want something sturdier, heavy duty dispensers can be also be found online for under $20.

According to USPS' guidelines, it is suggested that the tape be 2" wide.  Each opening (top and bottom) needs to be sealed with tape.  It is also suggested that tape be placed over the label, so that it doesn't smear.  

When Shipping, Stay away from attempting to use sealers that are not permitted:

​Wrapping paper

String or twine

Masking tape

Cellophane tape

The next items on this list are optional.  You will need to use your own discretion when deciding whether or not to add these special touches to your shipment.


​Tissue paper is not a necessity, but it's a nice addition when wrapping your items. 

​Use of tissue paper is an inexpensive way to show that your item was wrapped with care.  You can wrap your items in Premium White Tissue Paper  for a simple clean feel, multi-colored for fun expression or Metallic Tissue Paper to express elegance or luxury.

Tissue paper can be found at any party shop or discount store. When I purchase tissue paper, I use simple white 35 count, 20 X 20 paper from Dollar Tree. Click here to visit Dollar Tree for the tissue paper listed above. *Note: There is a minimum order amount when ordering online (minimum is usually somewhere between 4-12 duplicate items).


Clear bags add a nice touch when shipping items.  They make your shipment look more professional and they keep the item protected.

To maximize my money, I ordered a combo pack online, but you can also purchase poly bags in smaller quantities.


This supply is definitely needed if you plan on selling shoes.  There's nothing more horrible than to receive a pair of shoes that were damaged due to the way they were packaged.

Clear shoe boxes are an inexpensive way to add more protection to the shoes you're sending. These boxes also act as a bonus to the customer, since they can reuse the box if they don't plan to store their shoes in it. Click the image to order from Dollar Tree.

​Prices of shoe boxes can vary from $1 and up.  Depending on how sturdy on strong you need the box to be depends on the types and sizes of shoes that you're selling.

Small or flatter styled shoes fits easily in a cheaper, slightly smaller box, but if you're selling heels or a larger sized shoe, you'll want to spend a little more on quality.


Bubble wrap is a very cheap way to protect the item(s) you're shipping when more protection is needed for items that are breakable or damageable like home goods, shoes or jewelry.

The wrap keeps your items from suffering the impacts of heavier boxes during mail transport by providing extra structural support.  You can usually collect this free by re-using bubble wrap you've received from previous orders.


Thank you notes and cards are not required to be added to your package, but it's strongly suggested.

A thank you note adds a personal touch to your package and your PFF will greatly appreciate it.

Of course, adding a note of gratitude does not guarantee the customer will give you a 5 star rating, but you're more likely to get a higher rating when a note is added.  

Win a Year of Hallmark Greeting Cards from Dollar Tree

(You'll be directed to


Clear adhesive shipping label pouches are not a completely a necessity (as you may use a Dymo), but it is a nice professional looking touch if you don't use a shipping label writer.

Your printed labels can be cut to size and slipped into these pouches.  They give your package a neat look and shaves time by not having to tape the label when filling an order.

Take note that you may need to reinforce this with a strip or two of shipping tape.  These protectors adhere to most boxes and bags, but may still peel from Tyvek envelopes or varying grades of cardboard boxes.

Dollar Tree Free Shipping at Your Local Store


I hope this article has been helpful in explaining the supplies you'll need to be prepared for your first order and beyond. If you would like to learn about getting your shipping supplies for free, click here to watch my YouTube video - "How to Get Poshmark Shipping Supplies for Free"

Happy Poshing!


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