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Poshmark Sharing Apps - Yes or No? | How to Share the Right Way

Activity is highly encouraged in the Poshmark app and sharing plays a major role in active participation...

But when sharing tools like apps, otherwise known as bots, and virtual assistants are used, the Posh algorithm sees this as negative activity and your traffic will be greatly impacted.

Some Poshers use automated systems and virtual assistants to appear active while they technically aren't. Over time and with improvements to technology, Poshmark is continuing to work towards creating a system that rewards hard work and penalizes unfair short cuts.

Poshmark wants to create a safe community that reflects the fruits of the Poshers' efforts. Bots and virtual assistants are seen as "cheating" and create an undertone of dishonesty, therefore hurting the community.

Aside from creating a disadvantage for Poshers who don't use these methods, automated systems use is prohibited and your privileges could be temporarily or permanently removed. answer the question, should you use sharing apps for Poshmark? The answer is a resounding "No". The factor that outweighs any pros of using an app, is the fact that the practice is banned. may be asking "what are some best practices when sharing since bots are not allowed?"

Well, here's a list of 4 ways to share the right way.


1. Share Items Your Really Like

Sharing items you really like creates a pattern over time and the algorithm likes patterns. The system starts to learn the types of items you view and what you may be interested in.

Your sharing history allows the system to make reasonable suggestions for who you should follow, and who should be following you. There's more involved, of course, but I wanted to give you a broad understanding of how the algorithm uses your data.

2. Avoid Steady, Continual Sharing

This almost sounds counter productive, but you want to share intelligently. You'll note that when you share several items back to back, with little time in-between, the system will ask you to verify that you're human.

This notification is letting you know that the algorithm sees you as a bot and you'll want to take a break or allow more time to lapse between shares. This actually reinforces number one on this list, if you're only sharing what you really like, it's extremely unlikely that you'll be sharing quickly enough to be considered a robot.

3. Share to Other Social Media Platforms

This expands your brand and also promotes growth of your fellow posher. More eyes on your closet is always a good thing, especially when they get there right away.

4. Stay Away from Sharing Apps

To quote Poshmarks' community guidelines, "...Do not use programs or other forms of automation to participate on Poshmark. This includes but not limited to liking, sharing, following and unfollowing." Read more at

Side note: If you're already using sharing apps, be aware that your traffic may start to decrease as the algorithm gets better at doing its job.

Final Thoughts

Poshmark wants to reward your hard work by sending more leads your way. Getting those leads honestly helps the community and keeps sales opportunities fair. Use of tools to boost the appearance of activity may be helpful, but it's viewed as dishonest and could potentially get you banned from Poshmark.

Poshmark Community Guidelines

Happy Poshing!

- Nykole

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