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This is the first installment of my new series "Poshmark Experiences | The Good and The Bad" where I'll be talking about Poshmark negative reviews and try to share information that could keep other Poshers from having to deal with the same experiences.

The review site used for this video is "SiteJabber", an open forum site that allows consumers to post their experiences, negative or positive.

I actually use this site when searching for reviews on companies that I've never done business with before. You really get an unbiased account of customer experiences and unfortunately, Poshmark's reviews are less than stellar on this site. Hopefully this article will reach someone that can use this information to change some of that.

To start, Posh's Refund Policy is their return policy. I read some reviews stating that the information was hard to find, or the policy wasn't understood until the customer had to actually go through the process of returning an item. If you're looking for rules about returns, the Refund policy is the return policy.

Let's have a quick look at the basic policy, it states...

"When you make a purchase on Poshmark, we don't release payment to the seller until you tell us you've received your order as described. You have 3 days after delivery to inform Poshmark if the item has been misrepresented by reporting the problem in the Poshmark app or website with supporting photos.
If we verify your claim, we'll send you a label to return the order to the seller and refund your payment. All returns must be shipped back within 5 days of approval to be eligible for a refund."

I'm going to break this down just a little, in human terms...

The money that's held when you make a purchase does not get released to the seller until you accept the package in the app and agree that it was received as described. If you take too long to accept the items (like if it was delivered on Monday and you didn't check your mail until Friday, only to find out you're dissatisfied with your purchase) you'll be out of luck and monies will be released to the seller regardless of the issues you had with the item. You have 72 hours to notify Poshmark of any issues - do this by emailing Poshmark @ https://support.poshmark.com.

If you check your mail consistently and you open the Poshmark package you've been waiting for, only to find an issue, send an email with photos to Poshmark to start a claim. If Poshmark grants your claim, they'll send you a label to return the item, you'll have 5 days to return the item to get your money back.

If you're a seller, I suggest that if a claim was brought against you and you lost (meaning the customer gets a refund and you get your item back), contact Poshmark on the 5th day if you haven't received the item, to ensure you get compensated.

I had an odd experience where the customer complained about the smell of a garment I had - since it was in storage before I sold it, I figured it probably had some sort of smell - it wasn't a climate controlled facility, just a regular open to elements and smells unit - so I accepted the customers' request. The customer was supposedly refunded (I don't know for sure), but I do know I didn't get my item back - I contacted Poshmark and they paid me what the item sold for.

Now that we've covered the basics of the Policy, let's look at what's actually covered in the Policy and the only circumstances that would allow you to make a return.

Undisclosed Damage

- If you receive an item that has flaws like holes, snags, it's dirty, etc that were not included in the listing description, this is grounds for a return

- If you're a seller, and you omit flaws on your item, you leave the door open for a case to be brought against you - if you hadn't realized already, when a customer requests a return, this is what generates the start of a case.

To steer clear of this type of action, always include as much detail as you can in your description. If you want to learn more about writing an awesome item description - check out my video "How to write an Awesome Item description".

Incorrect or Missing Item

- If the item received by the customer is totally different than what they purchased or if they don't receive their item at all, this is grounds for a return/refund.

If you're a seller, remember that the customers' money is held until the item is received and reviewed by the customer.

Bait and switch won't work here, the customer will get their money back if you don't ship what was listed and you could get yourself suspended from the site if it's found that you're doing these types of practices frequently.

Item Not as Described

-If you're a seller and the item size is listed in the tag as a women's 10, but you have a day like many of mine and enter 12 by accident, then you sell the item before catching your mistake, this is grounds for the customer to get a refund. Simply put, even if it's a mistake, it can still do the damage. Proofread your listings and check for misspellings and typos to steer clear of silly mistakes that can cause a big problem.

Item is Not Authentic

This is one is a little tricky and is seen as debatable by many. There are many items that can be caught as a fake, just by being reviewed from someone with an expert eye, but there are other versions of items that are a little harder to catch if it's not looked at by a professional. I don't sell items that need to be authenticated, because I understand the process of authentication via Poshmark and I also understand that the result depends on the reviewer doing the authentication.

There may be times when an item is marked as fake, when it's truly authentic. For these items, I suggest getting your own authentication with documentation from a trusted authority source. This is the best way to ensure you're selling authentic items and no one will be able to say otherwise.

To round this portion of the policy out - You have to make a claim within 3 days of finding any of the issues I just spoke on. If no claim is made, your money gets transferred to the seller and your window of opportunity is closed.

Here's What's NOT Covered

The Item doesn't fit or You change your mind

Poshmark does not grant refunds for items that don't fit or if you don't like the style, etc. It's suggested by Poshmark that you relist the item. Side note, if you do decide to relist, note that you'll need to update the description. For example, if you bought a boutique item, and you want to re-sell it, it is now used - even if you didn't wear it. Most boutique items are directly from the distributor and therefore don't have a tag attached, once it's sold on Poshmark, it's no longer boutique. Also, if you do relist Do Not use the picture listed by the other Posher - it goes against Poshmark's community guidelines. To learn more about Poshmark's guidelines...see my video "15 Things that could get you booted from Poshmark".

Trades and Offline Transactions

Posh Protect does not cover these types of transactions. Literally, you shouldn't have to receive or send any types of emails to do business on Poshmark - this is an offline transaction and it's not covered by Poshmark in any way - this is truly setting yourself up to be scammed. Trading involves Poshers trusting each other. This practice isn't banned by Poshmark, but it is discouraged. If it's someone you know very well, and this is something you feel safe doing, have at it, it's up to you - but understand that if the other party doesn't hold up their end of the bargain your again out of luck. I personally don't agree with this practice, because I don't purposely put myself in iffy situations, but again, this is your closet and the choice is ultimately yours.

Final Thoughts

I created this series, because I felt I had something to offer in helping my fellow Poshers. I worked in retail for many years and for the past 10 years, I've worked in operational risk and compliance - so this channel is a combination of my experience and desire to help others. My goal is to bring the facts and add useful information that can help you be successful.

In creating this new series, I hope to change the minds of people that have had bad Poshmark experiences and offer advice that can guide better experiences. All it takes is 1 person to be dishonest to change the perception of a Poshmark user. It's not fair to buyers and is detrimental to sellers when it comes to sales.

If you're a buyer, ask questions. Ask about measurements, ask about flaws, ask about the color if it's not clear what the color is. I know this is probably easier said than done, because some Poshers don't get back to you right away (and unfortunately, I'm one of those people that takes a little while to get back to you). but, I suggest giving your fellow Posher 24 hours to answer your question. When a seller doesn't get back to you right away, it's not necessarily because they're ignoring you.

They may have a job or even a couple of jobs and may not be able to get back to you until much later. If you're a seller, remember to treat customers the way you want to be treated. Be cordial, be honest and be willing to answer questions. The Poshers experience doesn't just involve you, it involves a whole community. Abusing practices hurts everyone. Instead of taking the time to be dishonest, take the time to grow a reputable closet and make your money with pride and repeated sales.

I hope this article was helpful and served as useful information for growth and improvement of your Poshmark closet.

Happy Poshing!


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