POSHMARK Etiquette | Item Condition

When searching for items to sell, you may love it, but you have to be objective about the items' condition.

You have to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and remain unbiased about the sales worthiness of your items.

Shopping through your own closet for items to sell will take honest insight. It may be an item that you've loved for years, but if the condition isn't right, you'll be the only one that loves it and your customer will return the favor with a negative review or a possible case depending on the severity of dissatisfaction.

In hopes of assisting my fellow Poshers, I've compiled a list of things you should know before listing your items on Poshmark....and here they are:

Number One

Make sure your items are clean. Plain and simple don't sell dirty items. It's a good idea to wash or get clothing dry cleaned before selling them if you're unsure about the cleanliness of the item.

If you're selling shoes, take time to inspect and clean the shoes if they need it. You may also want to spray the inside of the shoe for smell, if there's a scent apparent.

Number Two

If Selling flawed items, be sure to be honest about the flaws and try not to sell garments or items that are too flawed to be acceptable. In most instances a small hole, snag, missing button and other things of this nature are acceptable to be sold.

Small flaws can be fixed and if the item is what the customer wants and the price reflects the flaws, this can turn out to be a good deal all around. But, if the flaw is massive, like torn material or heavy fading due to many washes, this is probably better for donation.

If the item is flawed due to a stain, it's best that you attempt to clean it if possible, or not sell it depending on the type of item, the material and the location of the stain. You'll have to be objective when selling flawed items and understand that if it's something you wouldn't buy, you shouldn't be expecting anyone else to buy it either.

Number Three

Check the smell of your items. Until recently, I had my clothing stored outside of my home. The environment was not ideal for storing clothing and this led to some of my items having a smell that was less that pleasant even though the items were clean.

Since then, my items have been moved, but I still think of past reviews that were less than stellar because of this issue. If you store your items outside of your home, ensure that the environment is free of anything that would cause any type of unpleasant odor in your clothing.

If your circumstances won't allow you to control the smell, research and invest in remedies like air purifiers or home fragrances that can help counteract smells that have been absorbed in your clothing.

Number Four

Use your lint brush or roller. When preparing your items to photograph or ship, use your lint brush or roller to remove lint and random hairs. Lint on your garment can make the item appear to be more worn than it actually is and can devalue your item.

Random hairs are just gross, no one wants to receive an unknown bonus hair with their item. Use of a lint brush or roller is a cheap and simple way to ensure you're sending the best version of the item and making the best impression possible.

Number Five

Handle items with care and use sufficient packaging. I've said this so many times on my videos, but it's so important. Take the time to fold your items neatly.

It doesn't have to be folded or fashioned perfectly, but there are too many videos showing how to properly fold items, to send an item balled up or just thrown into the package. It's simply unacceptable and will definitely earn a complaint or lower rating from your customer.

The packaging of your item affects the impression of the items' condition. Your item may be clean and free of flaws, but if the items are stuffed into their packaging with no protection, like use of tissue paper, garment bags or proper box sizes for your shoes, it will have a negative impact on the customers' experience and can be as detrimental as any other issue a customer would have that results in a complaint.

The experience may not result in something as drastic as a case, but will definitely cause disappointment and could discourage return buyers.

Final Thoughts

When choosing items for sale, be sure that the condition of the item warrants a price tag. If the item is really faded, flawed or stained, understand that even though it may be a cute item with a popular brand name, it still needs to be in good condition.

Selling items that are in good condition builds trust with your customers, and promotes return sales.

I hope this has been helpful information and serves as good advice for growth and success for your Poshmark closet.

Thank you,


Happy Poshing!

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