POSHMARK Clothing Prep List

Even before your first sale, there are some clothing prep supplies that you'll need to keep on hand to get your clothing items prepared for listings and shipping.



You will need scissors to cut stray threads from your garments.  Even when selling boutique items, there's a possibility that there will be loose or stray threads.


A mini sewing kit is good to have on hand for mending loose stitching and reattaching buttons.  Most kits include: thread, needles, scissors, a sewing tape measure, buttons and straight pins. If a tape measure is not included in your kit, you'll need to get this separately.

You can usually find mini kits at Dollar Tree or your local dollar store.  If you prefer a more robust, full sized kit, these can be found on Amazon in various sizes and colors. Click here to get the kit shown above from Dollar Tree online (6 kit minimum).


A lint brush or lint roller is a definite must have for removing dust and lint.  Lint brushes and rollers come in various price points ranging from $1 to around $30.  

Before taking your pictures, be sure to use a lint brush or roller on your garment to ensure there are no stray hairs or lint that can be caught by the camera.  

You may be surprised to know that lint and hairs are really easy to see on your listing, especially when proper lighting is used.  The lint rollers shown above are from Dollar Tree and can be ordered in bulk (36 count minimum), click here to order, you'll be redirected to Dollar Tree. A bulk order is required, but these are a great "free gift" idea.


If you sell revisited apparel, a pill remover is a supply you should have in your arsenal.  Over time, some garments collect fuzz which can make the garment look in worse condition than it's actually in.  

Pill removers are available in electric and battery operated variations.  I personally chose an electric pill remover to keep from having to buy batteries and it was inexpensive, so it was the most reasonable option for me.

The battery operated pill removers are good for traveling, so even if you're not using it to prepare your clothing for Poshmark, it's still a good investment.


Steamers are a better alternative in comparison to an iron when preparing your garments for picture taking and shipping.  Irons press the fabric to remove wrinkles unlike steamers that remove wrinkles with steam and no direct material contact. 

Irons can cause lines and marks to be created when pressed against fabric unlike steamers that "fade" the wrinkles.  No lines, no pressing of the material.

Steamers come in different sizes and price points depending on whether you steam one garment at a time or if you prefer to steam several items at a time.


I hope that this article will serve as helpful information on how to get prepared to sell on Poshmark.

Thank you,



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