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Meaning of the Color Purple

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Over the span of history, purple has been associated with royalty and luxury.

Miriam Webster Definition: having a color between red and blue : of the color purple

A Feeling of Prestige

Associated with nobility, luxury, ambition, wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, magic and royalty.


Symbolizes royalty, prestige and grandiosity.

Use this color when wanting to make your products appear luxurious and royal.

Color Variations

Light purple - a feminine color, it gives a feeling of romance and nostalgia

Dark purple - gives a feeling of gloom and sadness. It can cause frustration if overused

Colors that Pop

Gold - enhances the richness of purple and continues to add a feeling of opulence

White - plays well off of this color and allows the garment or piece to stand out

Purple Inspiration

Purple in Design & Architecture

I hope this article has been helpful in helping you decide the best color for your project.

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