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Meaning of the Color Green

Green is used to convey health, peace and prosperity. If you want to promote success in any field or level, this color is one of the best to use

Definition: Green as defined by Miriam Webster - a color whose hue is somewhat less yellow than that of growing fresh grass or of the emerald or is that of the part of the spectrum lying between blue and yellow.

The Color of Tranquility & Nature

Green represents growth, harmony, organic, freshness and fertility. It suggests stability and endurance - darker shades are associated with safety and money.

Green as a background can give a healing effect. It is a restful color and is easy on the eyes and can actually improve vision.

Using nature as your backdrop will give a refreshing experience to your audience. The simple act of adding a green plant in your photo or background will give your viewer a feeling of something real or organic.

Color Variations

Dark Green : Commonly used to convey money or finances. Associated with Ambition, Greed and Jealousy

Blue Green / Aqua : Associated with emotional healing or protection

Olive green : The traditional color of peace.

Green Inspiration

Green in Design & Architecture

As you can see in the images, green is very calming yet energizing. Making you feel refreshed and renewed.

I hope this article has been helpful in describing the definition and emotions in order to help you make the best decision for your wardrobe or your home.



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