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How to Write an Awesome Item Description for Poshmark

The best practice for writing an awesome description is of be descriptive

If you're just getting started on Poshmark and you're thinking of how to describe your items, use this rule of thumb...

List Everything You want to know when you're making an online purchase.

When writing your description, think like the customer and provide as much detail as possible. Be sure to include the Size, Color, Fabric (if it's listed) and measurements.

Add some detail about the condition, including flaws or notes that are not provided on the tag like "Runs Small" or "Listed as Extra Large, but appears to be more like a US Medium).

Not only does a detailed description answer most or all of your customers' questions, it saves time for you by not having to answer as many questions about an item and it saves time your customer by not having contact you for more information.

A customer is also more likely to buy an item they want when all of the details are laid out and they have a descriptive account of the items' features and characteristics.

How many times have you seen an item you liked online and chose not to purchase due to lack of information? Well, many people think this way (including myself), especially if they're ordering from a brand or person they've never done business with before.

A full description will also help protect you from possible complaints about the condition. Your listing helps to serve as evidence during Poshmark reviews when a complaint is brought up, and it'll be seen that all the details were stated and/or mentioned.

In a Nutshell...

  • Be descriptive when listing details about your items

  • Include the Color, Size, Fabric and Measurements

  • Include details regarding the type of sizing (like if it runs small or large)

  • Always (and maybe the most important) Be Honest about any flaws or defect with/on the item.

As always, Have Fun, Explore the Community, Create Connections and Make Some Money!

Happy Poshing

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