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How to Make Money on Poshmark with 5 Steps to Success

Here are 5 basic tips that will help you find success on Poshmark.


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This article is about the steps you'll need to follow to start making money on Poshmark. It'll take some work, but if you're dedicated, Poshmark can be a lucrative business for you.

The First Thing You'll Need to do is Download the POSHMARK App

Simply visit Poshmark and enter code GWYCG to join and get $5 in Poshmark Credit.

Next, you'll need to find inventory to build your closet.

The easiest way to find inventory, is to pull from your own closet. Ensure that the items are in good enough condition for resale. You may love your used items, but if they're overly faded, or have several flaws, be sure not to include them in your closet inventory. On top of not meeting Poshmark's quality standards, you'll also receive plenty of negative feedback.

When selling on Poshmark, you have to look at it as if you're running your business (because you are). Just like with any other business, you want to provide quality products, great prices and fabulous customer service. These aspects are very important and will carry you to Poshmark success.

Let's Quickly Cover the Basics

In order to get to boutique status, you'll need to complete Boutique Certification. The way you do this is to make at least 10 successful sales and have a 4.5+ seller rating to unlock the Wholesale Portal.

Once you unlock the portal, order at least one batch of inventory from the wholesale market. Once you've purchased your batch of wholesale items, complete the easy in app Boutique Certification. This process allows you to list your items as "Boutique".

Congratulations! You Just Opened Your Boutique!

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get down to how the magic happens...

One thing you have to understand is that this is not a get rich quick type of operation. This platform requires social involvement, support of your fellow Poshers, honesty and most of all, a high level of customer service.

If you've been searching for Poshmark tips and videos, then you've probably heard the first tip hundreds of times....this may sound cliche', but this actually works....



Sharing your PFFs listings as well as your own gets your closet seen by more eyes and in turn, gets you more followers. Now there's an art to this...when sharing, be sure to share items that you really like or items that fit the style of your closet. You are defining your brand with your shares, getting your customers familiar with your personal style as well as styles they may find in your boutique.

Following More PFFs means that their followers will see your boutique as well. Overall, more shares and more follows means more eyes on your boutique and hopefully more sales under your belt.


Link your boutique to your other social media accounts via the Poshmark app.

You can link your Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts so that when you share, you can share on these platforms as well. Once again, getting more eyes to your boutique and your listings.



When creating your listings, try to take your pictures during the day, in natural sunlight. Natural light will give you the best quality results. It provides a more professional, natural looking photo.

If you don't have access to natural light, you may want to invest in lighting equipment.

After doing some research, I found that Digital Full Spectrum Light Bulb 65 Watt Daylight Energy Saving 6500K are the closest to natural light. These usually run between $8 and $30 and can be purchased on Amazon.

You can also find free photography apps available for iphone and Android through Google Play.


When describing your items, provide as much detail as possible and always be honest. If your item has a flaw, state this. Not providing full disclosure in your description will bite you later. Be sure to add the color, measurements and fabric information if it's available.


When you create a new listing, it goes to the main feed, the more often your items are seen in the feed, the more chances you have of getting new followers

Create a listing schedule in order to release your items evenly during the week. Your can also use Poshmark's new draft option to create, save and list when you're ready. It's suggested that you list at least 2-3 times per week for optimal results.



Be sure to answer the questions or concerns of your customers as soon as possible. You can update the notification settings within the app to control your alerts ( like comments and new followers). When responding to questions, always be cordial and as helpful as possible.

If you're not able to answer questions right away, still respond in a timely manner and let the customer know that you'll provide the answer as quickly as possible. Don't ignore or disregard a question. If you do, you've lost a customer. If you miss a customers' questions, reach out anyway. They'll appreciate that their question was missed and not ignored.



When pricing your items, be sure to keep your prices competitive. Do some research to ensure that you're offering a reasonable deal and NEVER charge retail. Why would a customer buy from you when they can purchase the same item from a major retailer that possibly has free shipping? They wouldn't.



Once you've made a sale, you'll need to prepare your items for shipment. This includes removing lint or dust with a lint brush or roller. Remove any random threads and complete a secondary inspection to ensure the quality of the item.

When this is complete, fold your items neatly and place in a garment bag or wrap in tissue paper. I suggest using a garment bag, it keeps the items better protected and gives a more professional look. (Get garment bags on Amazon).


Add a thank you note with a pleasant simple message, like "Thank you for your order!"

Incorporate the buyer's name for a more personal feel (ex: "Thank you for your order Lisa!").


You can find simple gifts at places like the Dollar Tree, Target or Amazon. Don't choose items like pens, candles, candies or anything that can melt and NEVER send anything used.


2 days is the standard amount of time to ship on Poshmark. If an issue arrises and you're unable to ship within two days, be sure to reach out to the customer and inform them of this.

If an item is not shipped within a timely manner, the customer can cancel their order. At the very least, you'll get an unsatisfactory rating.


When shipping, place the items as neatly as possible in your shipping box or Tyvek bag.. Seal the package with 2" clear tape and affix the label with tape or label pouches for protection. If you prefer to use adhesive labels, you can purchase a Dymo 4XL Label Printer as well (4X6 labels are compatible with Poshmark). Get the Dymo Label Printer on Amazon.


Simply treat your PFFs the way you want to be treated.



Enjoy the community, explore the closets and boutiques of your PFFs

Find deals, create connections, makes some money.

I hope this article has been helpful. If you would like to learn more about Poshmark, Click here to visit Poshmark FAQ's.

Happy Poshing!!

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