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Meaning of the Color Red

Volume 2 | Red #red, #hot, #fire

This is the 2nd volume of the "Power of Color" blog series. In this series I briefly discuss the meanings and feelings of colors and show examples of how they can be used in fashion and interior design.

The subject is Red and the emotional response is powerful.

In definition terms, red is "of a color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies."

In terms of the emotional response, red represents heat, or danger as it is reminiscent of fire. It can also symbolize blood or sacrifice.

Red is an action color that calls for a quick response. Many retailers use this color for their clearance and sale items or even their official store colors due to the "quick action" effect. Red can make you feel rushed or uneasy, it can also make you feel sexy or invincible.


Black and White


In fashion, the use of red seeks attention. It symbolizes sexiness and unpredictability.

Wear this color when you want to stand out and be the center of attention.

Large amounts of red may be overwhelming, but touches and pops of red are a cool way to show personalty without overdoing it.

You can see how the model in this picture is wearing a red dress coupled with white and a hint of black.

She's able to stand out and draw attention, but the insertion of colors that pop keep you from being overwhelmed.



As you can see, red demands your attention. Red is a very powerful color and can be used in small bursts to make a large impact.





Even the smallest amounts of red shouts power. In large amounts, the room promotes movement and action. In smaller amounts, it demands attention without being too "loud".

I hope this article has served as inspiration for your next outfit or home improvement project.


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