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Meaning of the Color Blue

The Color Blue #favoritecolor, #Blueinspiration, #Design

The Color Blue in Fashion & Design - Inspirations

This is "Volume 1 | Blue" of my Power of Color Blog Series.

In definition terms, blue is described as "the color whose hue is that of the clear sky-of the color blue..." (Miriam Webster)

In terms of feeling and emotions, blue is described as melancholy, learned (intelligent) or cold. It also conveys a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

The color blue is very fluid, like water and can be mixed and matched with many different colors to create an entirely different emotion.

I enjoy fashion, interior design & architecture, but I'm a fan of saving money too. If you're creative, you can incorporate your style budget consciously, while still being chic and stylish.

In this article, I'll be showing examples of mixtures of clothing and interiors that use the color blue in their design.

Whether you're picking out your next outfit, or deciding the new color you want your living room to be, I hope you'll be inspired to do something creative.



The color blue in clothing is cool and reserved. It reflects integrity, honesty and intelligence.

The wearing of this color for business purposes is serious and leveled. So this is a perfect color for an interview or when wanting to appear serious and intelligent. It's the color of being in charge and being fair.


White, Chocolate & Gray.



Blue is appropriate for any occasion and is reserved and elegant. Darker shades like navy, act as a neutral color and can be paired with almost anything (like black or khaki).

This group of images are from You can see how different shades and designs go from neutral and reserved to intelligent and highly capable. Blue is also the color of air and flow, couple this with ruffles or flowy material and you have a garment that's feminine and flirty.



Here a more examples of blue in apparel. Regardless of the style or shade, blue is cool, relaxed, intelligent and in authority.



As you can see in the two pictures below, blue is used in two different ways, expressing two different feelings. The model in the two pictures holds the same pose and is wearing the same garments, but each picture conveys a different emotion to the viewer.

Picture 1 shows blue at the bottom. This gives the picture a "sea" effect. The sea is smooth and calming but can also be tumultuous and unpredictable. You almost have a feeling of sadness due to the hue and amount of blue reflected in this picture.

In Picture 2, blue is reflected at the top, giving a feeling of sky, which is open and airy. It makes you feel refreshed and renewed. The lighting also gives a feeling that the sun is there, reflecting warmth and a new beginning. Just one of many examples of how color placement and use has an effect on our mood and perception.

Picture 1

Picture 2

If you are a retailer or trying to get started, think of how the use of color changed the "message" of these images. These are good ideas to keep in mind if you're working on your branding or store image.



Blue used in architecture reminds you of cool clear waters and a tropical climate.

Cool and relaxing, blue is the perfect color to use when you feel you need to get away.


Blue blends with almost any color to add a touch of cool and relaxation. Wear blue for authority, integrity and intelligence, add blue to your home for a place of thought or to simply add a pop of 'air".

I hope this article has served as inspiration for your next outfit or project.

Have a suggestion for this article? Feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you,


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