Best Practice for Selling Shoes without the Box

Shoes are essential for every outfit and occasion. Whether you're going on your daily run or meeting friends for dinner, the right pair of shoes are functional and appropriate for the event.

Keeping this in mind, the art of shipping shoes is just as important as the reason for the purchase.

When shipping shoes, an inexpensive way to ship them is to use economy storage boxes with the lid, these can usually be found at dollar tree. That being said, depending on the style and size of the shoe - a larger sized box may be required - I'll get back to this point later...

When using a plastic storage box to ship, add tissue paper to mimic the way they would have been wrapped if they were shipped new. Not only does it look like you actually care about the customer getting the item, it also helps to keep shoe surfaces protected during shipping.

Now, getting back to the sizes...smaller shoes, or shoes with heels that are formed in a certain way work well with the smaller plastic box, but if you're selling larger shoes - like men's for example, this box may not work for you and you may have to invest in a larger box. On the flip side of that - completely flat shoes like flip flops or flat sandals can be protected with tissue paper, bubble wrap and placed in a shipping bag without suffering any damage.

If you want a less expensive way to ship, you can also use the USPS shoe box or the standard square box. The way you would do this is to wrap the shoes individually in tissue paper, you would then wrap the pair in bubble wrap and place in a box that has been lined with shipping paper or bubble wrap - this also helps to decrease movement of the shoes during shipping.

If you're shipping really, really large shoes, like a men's size 14 for example, these shoes won't fit in the USPS shoe box or standard square box. You also don't want to put these in a bag as they could suffer the blows of traveling.

I once sold a pair of very large men's shoes and I didn't have a proper sized box - everything I had on hand was either way too big, or too small. I wrapped each shoe with tissue paper and bubble wrap and placed 1 shoe in an individual USPS shoe box. I then used packaging tape to connect the two boxes and keep them together. It was a risk at the time, but I also used enough tape to actually make a box.

This wasn't a suggestion of course, I just understand how it feels when you're first starting out and don't realize what you need until you need it.

That was a lot of rambling, so I'll go ahead and wrap this up...when shipping shoes, think of their journey. There's a lot of bumps and possible drops along the way. You don't want your customer to receive damaged shoes because the packaging is terrible.

When you order shoes online, there is an expectation....How would you want to receive the shoes you ordered online?...Well, your customer wants theirs the same way...Hello!

Happy Poshing!

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