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5 Keys to Creating an Awesome Listing for POSHMARK

Hi and welcome to Vynes Apparel.  In this video I’ll be discussing the importance of creating listings that draw the buyer in, to provide more opportunities for sales, shares and follows.

Creating impressive listings is a vital part of your Poshmark success.  Yes, sharing and following plays a major roll, but if you’re listings aren’t up to par, you can share and follow all you want and be left with the question of why you aren’t making any sales, or getting likes and follows.

There are 5 key factors to creating an awesome listing:

Your images

The Title

The description

Filter Details


Some of these factors may seem more important to some than others, but all of these factors are essential to having the best listings possible.

Number One – Your images

I want to start off by saying that you don’t have to be a photography guru to create quality photos – sure it would help, but that’s not quite what this is about.  The key factors of a great photo for your listing is clarity, light, angle, minor distractions and minimal post editing.

Eye catching photos are clear, bright, simple and look realistic. 

Fun, artistic, abstract photos are ok in most settings, but here – less is more.  The ultimate goal here is to get your item sold. The easiest way to do that is to ensure that the customer can see your item in its’ best light (pun intended). 

When taking your photos use sufficient lighting and simple background settings. 

Adding your personality to your photos is highly, highly encouraged, but if you have not practiced lighting techniques and you have a whole outfit laid out on top of the item you’re selling – you’ll pretty much have a jumbled mess. 

You’ll also want to pump the brakes on major post editing techniques. 

Editing for clarity, lighting and background removal is fine – but edits that involve changing the whole concept of the item is a bit much – and it’s more like false advertising than anything else.

  • While I’m on this topic, I want to send a shout out to my PFFs that bought from me when I first started.  My pictures aren’t at all perfect now, but once upon a time they were hideous – I’m so thankful that they took a chance and bought from me…..Yikes!  (Find the first Poshers that bought from me – get their names and make sure they’re sellers first

Number Two – Your Title

Your title should lead the customer right to your listing.  What I mean by this is, list your item as if it were being typed into a search engine.  Enter as much detail as the characters will allow.  Your title should be telling the customer exactly what they’re buying.  

If you didn’t know, when searching on Google using the “Shop” option for example, listings that include the same keywords and characters as the buyers’ search, will populate in the search results...  [Include a picture of the results from my listings on google search].  Making it easier for your listings to be found whether the potential buyer is a member of Poshmark or not.

Number Three – The description

When writing your item description, ensure that you include as much detail as possible. List fabric, measurements and color for apparel and dimensions, what it's made of, like plastic, metal or wood for example for home goods.  You’ll also want to add notes regarding the condition, like if It’s nearly new, slightly faded, chipped or dented - or for apparel, how the item is sized, like if it runs small or large.  I haven’t personally done this lately, but it’s also a cool idea to add catchy narrative to your description. 

Some Poshers are really good about painting a visual picture in their descriptions, causing the customer to be drawn even more to the item they already like.  This is a quick overview of description details that should be in your listing, but If you would like to learn more about writing an Awesome description, check my video “How to Write an Awesome item description”on YouTube. 

Number Four – The Filter Details

When searching for items, you can filter the search results by TYPE, CATEGORY, BRAND, SIZE, PRICE, CONDITION and AVAILABILITY.  When creating your listing, be sure to include as much filter detail as possible to allow your items to be found easier. 

When selecting the category, If the sub category doesn’t list the type of item you’re selling, try to choose something that is as close to the sub-category as possible.  If your item doesn’t fall into a sub category, you may have to leave this blank to ensure that your item isn’t misrepresented. 

I don’t think I have to go into the details of entering the quantity, but here, you’re simply entering the amount of this item that you have.  If you have multiple pieces of the same item – use the “Multi Item” option to select the applicable sizing choices. 

Select the size of your item by entering the size listed on the tag – if the item runs small, but the item is listed as an XL on the tag – include this information in your item description, not the size.  Next will be the item condition (NWT, USED OR BOUTIQUE).  When completing this portion, be honest about the current status of the item. 

If you consider something new, because it’s never been used, but the tag was removed – it is no longer considered new with tag, it is now used.   

The brand field is a drop down menu of possible choices that will populate as you type.  If your brand is not listed, you can enter it manually.  For the color, enter the most dominant colors of the item.   

Number Five - Pricing

When pricing your item, sell high enough to make a profit, but low enough to make it worth the buyer’s time.  You should never charge full retail on Poshmark – It’s not what this market is for and you could lose a lot of traction if your prices are too expensive – on the flip side of that, you could also lose traction if your prices are too low. 

The best rule of thumb is search for the item you’re listing in the Poshmark app to see comparable listings.  Pay attention to the pricing of the item based on the condition.  If someone is selling a new scarf for $20 and you have the exact same scarf that you wore once – it’s not feasible to sell yours for $25.

Creating an awesome listing can be a make or break factor for sales.  Listings with as much information as possible not only do better on Poshmark, they can be seen via other media platforms, opening the door for a whole new set of buyers.  If you’re truly serious about your Poshmark success, you have to be serious about the amount of detail you’re putting in your listings.

I hope this video has been helpful, informative and serves as a tool that will help you reach Poshmark success.

Happy Poshing!


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