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Closet Staple List


Stay current with must have styles that transcend fashion trends.

Whether you lean towards the trendy or you're strictly classic, these pieces can be mixed & matched to complete the look for any occasion.


A plain white shirt can be worn tucked in or out with a pair of jeans or a business suit. The high versatility of this garment, makes it a must have and will carry you from a walk in the park to a business meeting.


Jeans have transformed over the years, ranging from bell bottom and flare to straight and skinny. Out of all the styles that seem to transcend age and era, the skinny jean has become a new closet staple. Skinny jeans can be worn under an over sized shirt for a casual look, yet can be dressed up and worn with a pair of heels for a going out, sexy look.

Over time, the spandex content of jeans has increased and it's easy to wear a pair that are too small - be cautious here. wearing a pair of too small skinny's can look tacky and completely unflattering.


Blazers have had a tendency to go in and out of style depending on the collar style and fit. A simple, form fitting blazer will carry you through the fashion changes. As with any classic piece, a blazer is extremely versatile and can be worn with jeans or to the office. A blazer gives your outfit a polished look and allows you to remain fashionably current, regardless of how long you've had it.

To achieve a more fitted look, choose a blazer style that has some spandex or lycra content.


The term is better known as little black dress, but I twisted the idea a little to incorporate a staple dress that will surpass ideals of mini skirts and party dresses

A simple black dress can be worn alone, under a blazer, with sandals or with heels.


Hipknoties may not be well known, but they were added to this list because they are versatile garments that can be worn at least 30 different ways. They can be worn as dresses, tops, shawls, etc. You can literally have a closet full of ideas with one garment.


Trends in fashion change every year. If you're budget conscious and like to remain current in style, closet staples are the best way to be fashionable, while keeping hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

If I've left some things off that you think should be added, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for visiting.

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