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Using the Shareasale Platform to Become an Affiliate

Shareasale is a platform where merchants and website owners/bloggers create a symbiotic relationship by benefiting each other via marketing and sales. The merchant gets exposure and sales for their business and you get a percentage of that sale, for leading the customer to the Merchants' site.

How to Join

When requesting an affiliate account, you will need to verify that you have a website that you own. Shareasale will complete a review of your application and will contact you once you have been accepted. Having a custom email address linked to your website will grant you instant access (Ex:, but you can also be accepted with an email that's not directly linked (like gmail or yahoo). The overall process usually takes about 24-48 hours as they are taking time to review your content.

Searching for Merchants

When searching for merchants, keep in mind the audience you are attempting to reach. You'll want to appeal to the merchant with your product promotion selection as it pertains to the content of your site.

If your content doesn't seem to the match the merchants target audience, don't let this sway you from applying. Merchants are not only looking for content, they are noting your target audience, your social impact and website traffic. You can read more about shareasale guidelines here.

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Declined Vs Approved

If you have a smaller following, or if your site does not coincide with the affiliate's guidelines, there's a strong chance your request will be declined. Merchants take the time to review your content in their decision making. You can be declined for content, page visits, etc. Larger merchants are looking for bloggers or site owners with specific content and a certain amount of traffic.

Smaller, newer stores are more lenient with their guidelines, and a lot of these provide instant approval. When requesting to become an affiliate, be sure to include a brief description of how you plan to promote the merchant, as this may help your chances of being approved.


Overall, Shareasale is a platform that is simple to use with the option of creating your own custom links for your personal tracking and picture preference purposes. Using affiliate links is a great way to supplement your income while promoting the success of the merchant.

If you would like more information on how to use affiliate links, keep scrolling and click the "Join" link below for more details.

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