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How to Provide Quality Customer Service

Providing Great Customer is an art and is a powerful asset in any business.

Quality Customer Service involves putting yourself in the customers' shoes, to get an understanding of their point of view.

You'll need to be attentive to the customers' needs and provide feedback that provides a solution to any issues your customer may have.

Before starting sales on Poshmark, I worked in the retail field for over 10 years. From shipping & receiving to customer service and I learned a great deal about customer service.



When dealing with a customer issue, ask the customer their request and try to figure out the easiest way to resolve the issue while keeping the customer happy and maintaining your stores' integrity and policies.

There's a saying in retail - "The Customer is Always Right." In some cases, this is true, in other cases, you won't feel that the customer is right at all. The best practice is to put yourself in the customers' shoes to explore if the request is a reasonable one.

If the request is not reasonable, then counter the customer request with one that is more suitable to you. [You'll always want to offer the customer some sort solution].

If you and the customer can't come to a solution, then you'll have to agree to disagree and understand that you may lose a customer, and they may tell their friends about it.


Stay Calm

Never allow yourself to be overrun with emotion. Running a business is not an emotional field. You'll have to look at issues logically to make effective decisions. Always attempt to diffuse any disagreements and be willing to lose a sale if the requests or actions of the customer are unreasonable.

In Conclusion

Running a retail business is about providing a service. Like any other service, you want to provide the customer value, while being able to receive reasonable payment for your services. Remember that the right correspondence with a customer can be the difference between a return customer and a customer that never returns and spreads negative news about your business.

Stay calm, understand the customers' point of view, make honest attempts to resolve the issue and you'll be successful in your business endeavor.

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