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Note in the Pocket

Hello Fellow Poshers and Visitors,

This week, I decided to post about an organization that does great work in their community by helping children in need attain the clothing they need.

My charity of choice is "Note in the Pocket" ( This organization offers gently used and sometimes new clothing to children in need with a note offering encouragement and love.

Note in the Pocket

Note in the Pocket started after a newly graduated teacher, working in an impoverished school, noticed that not only were some of her students hungry, their clothing was so worn, that it impacted their academic achievements and most likely, their self esteem.

This teacher rallied her community to donate and raise funds to purchase coats for the children. Shortly after sending the coats home with the children, the parents sent the coats back stating that they could not afford them, not believing that anyone would simply give them the coats. The teacher then decided to write a note and put it in the pocket of the coats with a message of love, letting the children know that this was for them and theirs to keep.

Learn more by watching their 2 minute video on Vimeo:

Note in the Pocket is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and offers different ways to donate. You can drop off gently used and new clothing at one of their locations, or use their donate button to give online.

You can also follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook....or do both!

Follow on Twitter @NoteInThePocket

If you would like to donate now, you can use the donate button below and you will be redirected to their donation page. You can also follow the link here and go directly to their home page.

Here are more ways to donate:

Money – "As we grow to help more impoverished children, the need for more workspace, storage, and supplies increases rapidly".
Clothing – "We need clothing of many different sizes – your donations of unworn or gently used clothing goes a long way".
Supplies – "In addition to clothing there are a number of supplies that are needed for storage and organization".
Time – "Any time you can spare to help us allows us to reach more students, faster – and provides you fulfillment in knowing you’ve helped improve the lives of someone less fortunate".

Use this link for more donation information

In Conclusion

Find a cause in your community that you're passionate about and lend a hand.

Thank You for Visiting!

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