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Poshmark Closet Style

Just as each person has a unique style, your closet needs a style of its own as well.

The uniqueness of your closet is what will set you apart from others. Customers will be able to recognize your new listings simply from the style of your pictures.

Styling Your Closet

If you’re not sure what your style is, and you’re not sure which direction you want to take, a good idea may be to take a style quiz. This is a good way to pin-point your style and will also give you great ideas on how to fashion your pictures.

If you already have an idea of how you want your closet to appear, keep reading for pointers on how to give your closet the best look possible...

Keep your closet uniform

This doesn’t mean that all of your pictures have to look exactly the same, but you’ll want to keep the same theme throughout your closet.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the same background for all of your pictures. It’s suggested that you use a plain white or light gray background for aesthetic purposes, but once again, this is your closet and your style. You have the final say so on the best background to use for your theme.

Take your own pictures

Using stock photos are ok if your items are boutique, but your own pictures express your personal style. Your pictures show the actual condition of the garment and is a more trusted picture. If you do choose to use stock photos with "new with tag" and "used" items, (I like to call them revisited), be sure to include your own photos as well. One of the beauties about Poshmark is that it's an interactive experience with a real person and an opportunity to see the item(s) "up and close".

Try to Stay Away from What I Call the “Hodgepodge” Closet

This is a closet that completely ignores pointer #1. Each item has a different background, with a different style. A mix of stock photos and images with different backgrounds, different lighting and an overall different theme. This is ok to start, but you’ll want to continuously work towards making your items look like they actually belong in the same closet.

Do You! Your Closet is a Reflection of You!

Your closet is a reflection of your style and personality. Only you can be you and when it’s all said and done, you are the queen or king of your domain…so stay true to yourself.

If you have suggestions for this article, feel free to comment. You can also reach me on the “Contact” page or simply email me at

Happy Poshing!!

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