How to Boost Your Poshmark Sales

Whether you've recently started on Poshmark or you're an Ambassador, there will be times when you'll have a decline in sales. The cause of this may be seasonal, or it could be the content of your closet.

Regardless of the reason for the lack of activity, a decline in sales can be discouraging and you'll want to take time to establish your overall goals in order to achieve the results you desire (if you choose to continue selling on Poshmark).

A decline in sales can be as simple as your lack of your participation. Before you take the steps to get bigger and better (or quit), you'll need to decide just how much you are willing to participate in the process.

Review Your Goals

Be real with yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions:

- Do I want to participate full-time or part-time?

- What are my sales goals?

- Am I willing to continue doing the work necessary to be successful?

- Am I willing and able to invest in growing my business?

- Am I getting a satisfactory return on my investment?

- Is it worth my effort and time?

- Am I be able to create a balance between family & Poshmark?

If you've been honest with yourself and you've decided to continue your Poshmark journey, here are some tips and ideas you can use to increase your Poshmark Closet sales.

Showcase Your Style

What is your niche'? What is your style? Determining your style (your image/your brand) helps to set you apart from the crowd . Of course, you'll want your pictures to look as good as possible with proper lighting and focus, but also remember there are millions of Poshers competing for attention. You'll want your closet to stand out and be unique.

Reinvent with Lighting & Color

Take Better Pictures

Even if you only use the camera on your phone, you can take more professional looking pictures by shooting in natural light and staying away from the flash element. You can also search camera apps for android or iphone to get your desired result.

Be sure to focus on lighting and item detail. A bright, clear photo is more attractive to the eye and will keep your PFF (Posh Friend Forever) in your closet longer.

Play around with your banner design. The design of your banner "sets the mood" of your closet. Different colors have varying effects on your buyer. The color you incorporate in your banner, promotes varying customer experiences that can range from a feeling of relaxation, all the way to feelings of aggravation. [Read more about the Power of color].

Remember Customer Service

Respond to questions or comments as soon as possible. Even before the sale, quality customer service can mean the difference between a sale or missed opportunity. If you can't answer a question right away, respond as quickly as possible. Let the customer know that you've received their message and you will get them the answer to their request as soon as possible. Not answering in a timely manner makes you appear disconnected and disinterested.

I've made the mistake of not seeing messages until many hours later. I still made the sale, but quite honestly, I was embarrassed and felt like I was being unprofessional.

If you find yourself in this situation, provide quality customer service by reaching out and apologizing to the customer for missing their message. This will express that you genuinely have an interest in doing business with them. The customer will appreciate this, and it could mean the start of a wonderful Posh relationship.

Stay Honest

Always be honest about the condition of your garments. Even clothing with flaws can sell if you're honest and open about the condition of your items. If your garment has a missing button or snag, show this in your pictures and detail this in your description.

If your customer receives an item with an unlisted flaw, this will appear dishonest and there's pretty much a 100% chance that they will start a case against you. This is definitely a no-no, when trying to improve your ratings or increase your follower count.

If you find a flaw after the sale, contact the customer and give them the option of cancelling their order. The customer will appreciate you for this, and they may even complete their purchase anyway.

Review Your Prices

Be sure to have a balance of quality and price. Set your prices high enough to accept offers, but low enough that the customer feels they are getting an awesome deal.

The customer wants to feel like they found a bargain. If your prices are too close to retail or, if they are unreasonable for the items you're selling, this will put a damper on your sales.

On the other hand, be sure not to set your prices too low. If your prices are extremely low, this can lower the value of your entire closet. The customer may even feel that there are issues with the items, causing a level of distrust ("It's too good to be true." What's wrong with it?").

Study Customer Reviews

Take time to review the comments from your customers, especially the ones that offer criticism.

The customers' review is basically a summary of their buying experience with you. If they feel the garment wasn't as described (ex: had a thread pull, or a hole in the armpit that wasn't noted), or even if you took too long to ship, the customer will let you know and will more than likely reflect this in their star rating.

Reading your customer's reviews gives you a glimpse of how well you're doing and where you need improvement. This is always a helpful tool when working to improve your closet.

Ship with Love & Care

The way you package your items also has an impact on your customers' experience.

Shipping items that are neatly folded and packaged with care, shows a level of professionalism and a willingness to make the customer happy. A happy customer has a better chance of becoming a return customer.

A thank you note and/or a free gift are also nice touches. It feels personal, and makes you more memorable to your customer.

Stay Encouraged

Try not to harp on the negatives, instead, focus on improvement. You can easily be discouraged if you go a while without making a sale. Use this time to list more items, practice taking pictures and using the tools listed in this article to boost your morale and sales. Regardless of how many sales you make or followers you have, there is always room for growth.

In Conclusion

Review Your Goals.

Experiment with photo styles to add variation and new life to your closet.

Focus on your true style.

Stay encouraged and pay attention to seasons, trends, reviews and prices. Just as in any other retail environment, timing is key. A lack of sales may have to do more with the season and lack of sharing activity, than it does the items you're selling.

Just good is never good enough. Never get complacent with your closet. Always take steps to improve and use the Poshmark success formula: Share + List + Share + Follow + Share + Share + Share = PFFs and More Sales

Happy Poshing!!

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