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The Poshmark Experience

After attempting to start my own website to sell my new and used apparel, I learned that the task was a little more daunting than what I expected. The time it takes to create the site, upload and update images, keeping track of inventory, setting up shipping and tracking techniques, I realized that having a full time job, being a single mother and doing all of these things are very difficult to do if you are attempting to do them alone and on your own.

Once I came to the realization of just how in-depth starting your own business was, I searched for alternative options that would give me the freedom of selling my own items and give me the ability to keep my current job (at least for the time being) and take care of my family. I decided to create and post my items on Poshmark.

I joined Poshmark October 2016, but I didn't begin active listing until December 2016. The first months were really about learning the processes rules of the site. Learning tricks to grow sales and the impact that pictures have on those sales.

I must say that at first, there were a couple of days that I was discouraged and almost lost hope in the app, but with research and sticking to my guns, I've found that my business can be a lucrative one simply by using the Poshmark app to post my listings.

If you are looking for a way to start your own business to sell your new and used clothing, but don't want to take the time in creating a site of your own, Poshmark is an app that should seriously be considered.

As of today I've reached 2 milestones: 1K in sales and 10K followers. I plan on growing even more by actively seeking followers and discovering new ways to post impeccable images.

If you would like to learn more about Poshmark, visit their blog

if you're ready to get started, Click here code GZYWG and you'll earn $5 in Poshmark credit towards your purchase(s).

Good Luck!

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