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15 Things That Could Get You Booted From Poshmark

Poshmark has a comprehensive list of Do's and Don'ts to be compliant and successful on the app.

Unfortunately, there may be new Posher's that didn't read the guidelines or maybe seasoned Posher's that forgot - either way, these practices could potentially get you booted from Poshmark.

15 Things That Could Get You Booted From Poshmark

Number One - Selling Non Compliant Items

In the past, Poshmark was known for only selling clothing, so this rule was initially geared towards selling non-clothing items.

Now that the Home Goods Market is open, the rules of compliance can be a little tricky and you may even have to reach out to Poshmark to see exactly what's not allowed.

To be on the safe side, I'd suggest only selling items listed on the "What can I find in the home market" list. It's a pretty comprehensive list, so at the least, you should have a general understanding of the items that are allowed.

Poshmark Prohibited Items |

Select Home Goods |

Number Two - Counterfeits

To start off, selling counterfeits anywhere is illegal. So, this may seem pretty self explanatory, but this involves more than just selling a knock-off Item. This includes selling items that are "inspired by" or misrepresented as authentic.

This rule impacts both the buyer and seller - if you're caught buying or selling a knock-off item, you could have your privileges removed permanently.

Number Three - Used Underwear

First of all, ewww. Second of all, ewww. I don't think I have to go into detail on this one, but basically, if you've already worn an under garment, even if it was only once, you cannot sell it. On the other end of the underwear spectrum, used swimsuits are allowed.

Swimwear is not an undergarment of course, but there are some swim garments that do touch personal areas. I don't personally sell used swimwear, but if you do decide to sell it, ensure that the swimsuit is clean and in good condition.

Number Four - Perfume and Nail Polish

These items are tied to fashion, but they are prohibited to sell for a good reason, these items are not allowed to be shipped via USPS priority mail. Since priority mail is the type of label used by Poshmark, by default, these items can't be sold because they can't be shipped.

USPS also has an extensive list of items that are not allowed to be shipped in the US based on the label. I'll add a link if you would like to read more.

USPS Restricted List |

USPS Other Restricted Materials |

Number Five - Taking Transactions or Conversations Off the Poshmark Platform

Taking any part of a transaction, including discussion about details or negotiations, off the Poshmark platform is a violation of Poshmark rules. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of videos of just how to do this and how to have a successful outcome.

Bottom line, it's a violation and it's not covered by Poshmark - essentially, you're setting yourself up to be put in harm's way. Financially, digitally and possibly, physically.

This may seem like an easier way to make cash, especially if the Poshers are in the same area, but since this is a violation, it removes all liability from Poshmark and you'll have no support if the deal ends up being a bad deal.

To keep yourself safe, just stay away from this practice.

Number Six - Bullying and Harassment

As with many platforms, Poshmark has a no tolerance policy. They want all of their Poshers to feel safe and secure in the app. I've seen for myself, there are some Poshers that are rude and even dishonest, but I haven't personally had an issue with bullying or harassment.

Pretty much, do your best to be cordial during any communications. If you're a seller, you already know that you have to let things roll off your back. You get more bees with honey, so it would benefit you in no way to do otherwise.

Number Seven - Vulgarity and Obscenity

This is a one-liner rule on Poshmark and it's pretty self- explanatory. Just keep it clean. This is a time for that.

Number Eight - Soliciting Donations

I've only seen this once since my time on Poshmark and I started selling December of 2016, but you are not allowed to request donations or any type of in kind services or trading of any kind for any types of services. You're also not allowed to promote a third party site via advertisements in your closet.

Number Nine - Closed Groups

Open sharing groups are perfectly welcome on Poshmark, it's a support system and it can be very helpful to many people, but Closed groups where members have to be approved are not welcome on the Poshmark platform. This does not apply to any groups that are created outside of the app.

Number Ten - Giveaways

Currently, it's against policy to conduct your own giveaways or contests. That's pretty cut and dry, not much more to elaborate on, on that one.

Number Eleven - Trading

The Posh Protect Policy does not cover trades. Taking transactions off the app restricts Poshmark from being able to provide support for the participating parties. Poshmark cannot guarantee the transaction, so it's discouraged.

Number Twelve - Buyer's Remorse

Orders do have to be honored, but Poshmark understands that accidents can happen. If you buy an item accidentally, you have 3 hours to cancel. Poshmark also suggests that you log out of the app when you're not using it to ensure you don't make any accidental purchases.

Number Thirteen - Automated Participation

Simply put - Do not use programs or other forms of automation to participate on Poshmark. This includes, but is not limited to liking, sharing, following, and unfollowing.

This one is straight to the point, but if you would like to view my video about using sharing apps, click here to watch it on YouTube

Number Fourteen - Content Mining

Do not use Poshmark to collect personal data. You also may not use any images found on Poshmark for your own purposes unless authorized by Poshmark. The exception to this is your own content.

In other words, you cannot collect email addresses or other forms of information from your buyers or followers, etc. Also, you're only allowed to use your own content, meaning you cannot use someone else's images for your own use.

Number Fifteen - Multiple Accounts

Only one account is allowed on Poshmark, unless you receive their written consent. I only have one account, so I don't know this process, but if you want to learn more, reach out to Poshmark for more information.


I decided to write this article as a kind of heads up to new Poshers. I see violations from time to time and hope that the Posher simply doesn't know any better. Part of running any business is understanding the rules of the platform.

If you want to be and continue to be successful, you have to be compliant. You may get away with not following the rules for a time, but it'll hurt you in the long run. If you're unsure about Poshmark's guidelines drop them an email.

I hope this article has been useful in helping you to understand the importance of knowing the guidelines and following them.

Happy Poshing!


Poshmark Prohibited Items |

USPS Restricted List |

USPS Other Restricted Materials |


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