10 Ways to Reinvent Your Poshmark Boutique

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If you've been on Poshmark for a while, you may be looking for ways to update or upgrade the look of your boutique.

Here are some ways that you can spruce up and reinvent your closet without having to buy inventory.


The use of color is the easiest way to update the look of your Poshmark boutique. Your banner is the first image that the customer sees when they view your closet. The color you choose does have an effect on the person looking at the picture. Understanding this will help you decide the best colors and shades for your niche and target demographic. Read more about the Power of Color.


The quality of your pictures is a huge part of the image of your brand. If your pictures are grainy or dark, it's harder to see the item and therefore, harder to sell as well. You want your pictures to be bright and clear. The best way to achieve this is to take pictures in natural light. There are also free apps available for Android and iphone through Google Play.

If you don't have access to a lot of light, you can also buy natural light photography bulbs. After researching cost effective alternatives, I found 65 Watt 6500 Kelvin Daylight Bulbs on Amazon and they are extremely close to natural light and are designed for photography. If you have the money to invest, you should also look into photography umbrellas for better light distribution. (View photography umbrella kits on Amazon).


I don't suggest that you change your logo often, because it's how your return customers recognize your brand, but I do suggest that if you've created a better looking, better quality logo, that you use this. Even though your boutique is on the Poshmark platform, this is still your store. You'll want to present the best representation of yourself whenever possible.


If you have the time, you can also organize your closet based on style, size or color. I don't personally do this anymore due to time, but I still separate my sold items from my available items when I have the time to do so..

If you do decide to organize, I suggest creating posts describing the items next in procession (like "tops", "bags", etc. I use a posting like this for my sold items.


If you're looking to reinvent yourself, you can also revisit your pricing. Depending on whether you're selling higher or lower quality items, you should adjust your prices to reflect this. Pay attention to the retail prices (including sale items) and update your listings accordingly.


Update your about photo. If you just have your logo or no about photo at all, you'll want to update it. Having an about listing allows customers to be able to reach you, without having to post a question to an item. This is also an opportunity for the customer to see the Posher behind the boutique, making your more transparent and real.


Visiting the closets of your PFFs allows you to get ideas and inspiration for your closet. I'm not suggesting that you "steal" their ideas, but viewing other closets gives you insight on where you can improve and make changes.


Learning your own style will actually help you in deciding how to design your boutique based on your preferences and fashion ideas. If you're style is Bohemian for example, then you could have a natural, neutral feel to your closet. Or if you're more trendy, then you could create pictures that model after some of your favorite current photography styles.

The quiz I found to be the most accurate is the "Visual Therapy Style Quiz". It's a short simple bubble styled online quiz that asks you a series of questions about your preferred style. You may be surprised by how accurate the results are.


A fun way to get ideas for your boutique is to flip through the editorial images of fashion magazines. You may not be able to achieve the exact look of the picture, but you'll have some fun learning your new talents as you try to emulate the imagery.


I found two great online tools for photo editing. These are systems performed by AI that automatically remove backgrounds from your photos and they're both free!

Remove.bg removes the background of photos as long as a face or human form is recognized in the photo. Now I know this is a little creepy, but the program does a wonderful job of removing the entire background, regardless of the color or setting. The downside to this is, if the subject is wearing something that blends with the background, the program may remove extra hair or parts of the body to compensate.

Onlinepngtools.com removes single color backgrounds from photos. In my opinion, this works best when the background is light or already white. This background isn't as automatic as the remove.bg site, but it allows you the option of how much of a percentage to remove. The remove.bg site does not have this option.


If you're looking for ways to improve your closet, think about your style, your audience and the message you're trying to deliver. As the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" and that statement is not different here. Your banner, About photo and overall closet style says a lot about you, your inspirations, your goals and even your personality.

Improvement doesn't necessarily always have to call for an investment. If you're resourceful and can think outside of the box, you can find countless ways the spruce up your boutique and in turn, spruce up your sales as well.

Happy Poshing!

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