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10 Things You Should NEVER do on Poshmark

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Etiquette plays a big role in your Poshmark success, but there are also unspoken rules. If you're a seller, there are certain things you should never do in the Poshmark community.



Never reply to questions with a sarcastic remark. There's nothing wrong with sarcasm in general, but when dealing with customers, this is strictly a no-no. Even if the customer asks something that seems silly like "what size is it?" when the size is clearly marked in the description - don't answer this with sarcasm. Your comments can be viewed by everyone, so you should never want to leave a negative impression of yourself.


Everyone has their own lives to live and there's a possibility that your customer simply didn't have time to leave a review. Never demand or request that the customer leave a review, it comes off as pushy and somewhat rude. There's also the possibility that the customer didn't leave a rating to be nice - maybe the customer didn't want to leave a 5 star rating and they're holding off on the review to protect your ratings. By asking the customer to review, you are provoking a response, which could easily lead to consequences you may not have prepared for.


2 days is a standard, reasonable amount of time to ship (unless your customer requests immediate shipment). If it takes you too long to ship, the customer could cancel and you've lost the sale. Even if the customer doesn't opt to cancel their order, this will definitely impact your review negatively.


When shipping your orders, be sure to package them neatly and with care. There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on something, just to receive it crumpled up, as if it was just thrown in and mailed off. Your packaging also reflects your brand, don't give your brand a bad name with terrible shipping practices.


This is not necessarily an etiquette issue, but this is still something you should never do.

If a customer asks you for your email address or asks if you can contact them via email to complete a purchase, Do Not Engage, though Poshmark is a great community and friend platform, there are still scammers out there - and they won't hesitate to take advantage of this. Stay vigilant and aware and don't hesitate to report them to Poshmark if they are threatening or pushy.



Don't lie in your pictures, in your description or in your answers to questions. This is a definite way to have a case brought against you. If someone asks you about the condition of an item, be completely honest and express flaws associated with the item. Lying about your products in the hopes of getting a sale reflects negatively on your integrity and your boutique. Practicing deception will be the cause of the imminent demise of your success.


There are 3 types of listings available in the drop-down menu on Poshmark, Boutique, New with Tag (NWT) and Used. Understanding how to list your items is very important and can get you in hot water if it's discovered that you misrepresented an item. Here is a breakdown of a few scenarios where the proper listing type may get a little grey.

BOUTIQUE | Boutique means that your items were purchase directly from a wholesaler.

  • If you buy bulk items at wholesale prices from a major retailer, this is not boutique - because you're still buying it from a retailer (regardless of the price).

  • If you buy a Boutique item from another Posher and resell it (for whatever reason), this is no longer considered boutique, it is now used (or NWOT*)

NWT | New with Tag means that you bought it from a retailer, have never worn it and the tag is still affixed.

  • If you buy an item from a store, never wore it, but the tag is not longer affixed, this is Used (or NWOT*)- it is no longer classified as New With Tag, if the tag is not attached.

USED | Used means that the item has been worn or used and no longer has the tag attached.

  • If you're selling an item that was purchased from a retailer, never worn, and the tags were removed, this is still considered used (or NWOT*)

*NWOT (New Without Tag) is not a drop-down option, you can only state NWOT in the Product Title or in the Item Description.

  • Many Poshers, including myself, will use the term NWOT in the description of an item that is new, but the tag is not attached or for items that were purchased at wholesale prices from a retailer in bulk and the tag is not attached. This announces that the item is "technically" new, but we cannot call it new based on Poshmark guidelines.


Please do not sell anything that you wouldn't buy yourself. One thing that disappoints me from time to time on Poshmark is to see listings that truly have no business being sold. I understand that there are different degrees to people's standards, but we have to be objective when selling used items. If it's falling apart, needs a ton of repair or is faded terribly, don't sell it. You're essentially shooting yourself in the foot and begging for a case to be opened.


If a customer has a question or comment, regardless of how silly you may think the question is, answer it. You never want your customers to feel disregarded or ignored. Remember that others can see your comments as well and ignoring one customer gives the impression to other customers that you don't respond. If a customer feels that they can't contact you, they're less likely to do business with you.


As pleasant as our PFFs are, this is still a retail environment. Try not to take negative feedback personally - see it as an opportunity to improve and grow. Retail is an environment that is not always hugs and kisses. There will be unsatisfied customers, people that aren't happy with your prices, people that don't like your brands and so on and so forth. You have to focus on your goals, your improvement and your overall well-being. Don't stress yourself over things that you cannot control.


As you can see, etiquette is not just about your customer service, it's also about the unspoken rules.

If you take the time to think of how you would want to be treated as a customer, this will guide you in how you treat your own customers.

Happy Poshing!

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