Poshmark Etiquette | Offers

The great thing about Poshmark is the fact that prices are not set in stone. Poshers can make and accept offers, like a true marketplace.

Making the Offer

When making an offer on Poshmark, it is important to understand the difference between reasonable and unacceptable.

When the Seller prices their items, it's a normal practice for some Poshers to set prices slightly higher in order to counter a possible offer. Do not misconstrue this fact.

The price may be set a few dollars higher to cushion the offer, but that does not mean that they are willing to accept offers at 50% off. In fact, offering 50% off is insulting and demonstrates that the buyer has no idea of how the Poshmark system works.

To give you a better understanding of possible profits to the Posher, here are the fees charged by Poshmark when we make a sale.

Items up to $15 have a Poshmark fee of $2.95. For example: if the seller listed the item at $8 and makes the sale without an offer, the seller makes a profit of $5.05

Items $15 and up have a Poshmark commission fee of 20%. If the item is sold at the listed price, the most the Posher will make is $12.

So, now that you have a better understanding of Poshmark fees, it makes it a little easier to understand the outrage expressed by Poshers when a completely unreasonable offer is made.


Imagine that you bought a dress for your friends wedding, she and her to be hubby decided to elope. Now you have this dress that you only bought to wear to her wedding and you have to figure out a way to get rid of it.

You decide to sell your dress on Poshmark. You bought it retail for $69 and since you're reselling it, you decide to list it for $59. You understand the concept of offers, so you're willing to accept reasonable offers.

You take the time to ensure there are no flaws or stains. You also take the time to get the perfect photo, take about 30 pictures, to list 8, check the tag for fabric information, take measurements, and think of a good price that is reasonable, yet will give you a decent return on your original purchase.

A customer is interested in your garment and makes an offer of $30 (50% off). Pause. What would be your reaction to this? Exactly...and this is how the Posher feels every time someone makes an unreasonable request.

Posh sellers have to deal with these types of shenanigans all the time. It's one thing to make an offer of 10% or even 20% off, it's a totally different story when the Posher clearly sees that the buyer is all about themselves and could care less about the Posher.

Don't be this person.

Whether you know it or not, this can cause huge repercussions for you. At the least, the Posher will outright decline your offer. At the most, you could be blocked by the Posher.

Here is My offer Chart

This chart is not displayed in my closet, but it shows my offer guidelines

(Feel free to use this chart in your listings)

I hope this article has been helpful in understanding the reactions and responses you may get from your fellow Poshers when making an offer that's unreasonable. Remember, Poshmark is not a thrift store. Some Poshers have made a business out of this and their sales impact their families and lives.

In Conclusion

  • Be mindful of the 20% cut Poshmark takes as a commission fee

  • Don't assume that a Posher purchased their items from 2nd hand stores when making an offer

  • Realize the time it takes to prepare garments, take pictures, take measurements and figuring prices

Overall, just be respectful of the process and your fellow Poshers. Poshmark is a sharing/caring based community. Don't sell yourself short by making a short offer.

Happy Poshing!


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