My Poshmark Experience

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

After attempting to start my own website to sell my new and used apparel, I learned that the task was a little more daunting than what I expected.

The time it takes to create the site, upload and update images, keeping track of inventory, setting up shipping and tracking techniques,

I realized that having a full time job, being a single mother and doing all of these things are very difficult to do if you are attempting to do them alone.

Once I came to the realization of just how in-depth starting your own business was, I searched for alternative options that would give me the freedom of selling my own items and give me the ability to keep my current job (at least for the time being) and take care of my family.

I decided to create and post my items on Poshmark.

I joined Poshmark October 2016, but I didn't begin active listing until December 2016. The first months were really about learning the processes and rules of the site.

Learning tricks to grow sales and the impact that pictures have on those sales.

I must say that at first, there were a couple of days that I was discouraged and almost lost hope in the app, but with research and sticking to my guns, I've found that my business can be a lucrative one, but there are a few caveats to this.

I Had to Learn to Get Over Myself

One thing I had to learn is how to become active. I'm a pretty private person and had to learn to come out of my shell. If your an introvert like me, the thought of sharing yourself to others you don't know can be downright scary.

If you decide to sell on Poshmark, you pretty much have to get over yourself. You'll have to learn how to make yourself vulnerable (in a sense), because the more "real" and transparent you are, the more successful you'll be on the app.

I Had to Learn How to Manage My Time

The truth is, you'll have to spend many hours listing, participating in parties and sharing others' listings. If you plan on making Poshmark your full-time income and you have the time to spend hours sharing and listing, then you can be extremely successful.

On the other hand, if you're like me, and you have a full-time job and a family, then you will soon learn that the time needed for the app may be a little more than what you can manage on a constant basis.

Sales are Fickle

You'll have to keep the seasons, trends and activity in mind. Some items I list sell 20 minutes after I list them. Some items sit for 6 months. The environment is very unpredictable if you have a small closet like mine and if you only participate on a part time basis.

Some weeks I make 5 sales or more, other weeks I may sell nothing. This is a direct reflection of my sharing activity and with me being a mom, I usually don't have hours and hours to spend sharing or even listing for that matter.


Something else to think about are your reviews. Some reviews I receive are highly encouraging. They can make you feel like you're on top of the world. It's a very pleasing experience.

On the flip side of that, you have some Poshers that are rude and or unreasonable. I saw a review on Youtube where a Posher gave a 4 star rating because the shipping box was damaged. The item was just a described and that Posher should have been given a 5 star rating, but because the person giving the review didn't understand Poshmark's rating system, the seller had to suffer. This in and of itself is extremely discouraging and unless you've developed a thick skin, it's very easy to take it personally.


If you've had a case brought against you, this can also be a discouraging situation. I had a case brought against me stating that the item I sold was fake. I had the item listed for $9 and accepted an offer for $6. The Posher then turns around and claims fraud. I presented my case with evidence, pictures and my statement that I would never intentionally sell a fake item. and if I were trying to profit knowing that and item was fake, I would definitely sell it for more than $6. Long story short, I won and the other Posher won as well - they kept the item and I got paid.

This is not the worst case of a complaint that I've heard in the Poshmark community, but be aware that there are some out there that will claim deceit when there isn't any, in the hopes of getting something for nothing.


One of the most discouraging issues in the Poshmark community is offers. Offers are a great way for the customer to get a nice discount while the seller still gets a decent profit, but when this is abused, it's infuriating.

To go through the process of buying, preparing, listing and sharing, just to have a buyer offer half of the listed price is discouraging and insulting. You'll have to learn to not take this personally.

If someone makes an offer that is reasonable (meaning they ask for 10-20% off), I can deal with this. I actually enjoy working with buyers this way, because I make a couple of dollars and I feel that I gave the buyer a good deal.

On the other hand, if the buyer offers 40-50% off, I'm insulted and I will 100% of the time, counter their offer with less of a deal than I would have originally accepted.

Most times they decline, but I'm ok with that. You would have to decide what's ok with you.


In conclusion, if you're trying to make the choice of starting or continuing on Poshmark, you'll need to keep your goals and current lifestyle in mind.

  • Becoming Successful on Poshmark boils down to time spent on the app and the service you provide once you make a sale.

  • Remember that this is still a retail environment. Just as with any other retail store, you're going to have customers that love your service and others that do not.

  • You will need to have thick skin. If you're easily hurt by comments or complaints, this may not be the correct environment for you.

If you would like to learn more about Poshmark, visit their blog

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