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Disclosures and Statements

Read VALC's rules, guidelines and policies. Click topics to learn more details: Advertising & Affiliates Sponsored Posts Reviews COPPA Statement Your Information California Privacy Act


What is VALC's Refund Policy?

Refunds for product downloads are handled on a case by case basis and may or may not be refund eligible. Click the product type to get more details about VALC's refund policies.

VALC Member Showcase | Advertising Requests

Advertising requests to be included in the VALC Showcase are not refund eligible. Please be sure to read our disclosure statement about request requirements before submitting payment. Click here for more details.

Pay Plans

Pay plans can be cancelled at any time and are not eligible for retroactive refunds.

Download Refunds

Refunds for downloads are handled on a case by case basis and will not be granted due to a difference in hue due to screen resolutions. Resolution issues are eligible for an exchange or in-store credit.


Does VALC Advertise for Other Businesses?

Yes, Vynes does advertise for other businesses on the VALC Member Showcase. Click here for more details.

Affiliate Links

VALC has an affiliate relationship with businesses in the same field. Affiliates have been researched and reviewed before being included on this website. Businesses with questionable websites or sites with low rating customer reviews are excluded. Click here to read VALC's Advertising Disclosure.


Delete My Account

To delete your account, simply visit Delete My Account, where you will be asked to enter your email address. You'll receive a confirmation email once your account is deleted.

How Can I Contact Vynes Apparel?

Visit the Contact Page for questions, concerns or suggestions regarding products or business related topics. To submit a request for advertising your business, read the Rules and Guidelines before submitting your request.

Do You Sell Customer Information?

No. VALC does not believe in the practice of selling customer information and chooses to not engage in the act of exhchanging information for profit.


What Types of Products Does VALC Sell?

Vynes Apparel offers Business Products and Graphic Art Creations. Both product types are designs created exclusively by Vynes Apparel. Visit the Products Page to start your download search.

Subscription Plan

The Subscription Plan allows you to download unlimited items for a small monthly fee. Cancel at any time. Cancellation is not retroactive and can only be applied towards the ending of future payments. Requests for previous months will be denied. Licensing requirements apply. Price TBD

Member Showcase & Advertising

Member Showcase and Advertising services involves writing a post about your business and including a few of your advertisements on the Vynes Apparel website. Requests to be a part of the showcase are reviewed and granted or denied. See VALC Member Showcase details for more information.


What is Vynes Apparel Learning Center?

Vynes Apparel Learning Center is a free resource for small business start-ups in the clothing industry. VALC (Vynes Apparel), started as a closet on Poshmark, and is now focused on helping others find a way to follow a dream or to just bring in more money. Learn more about VALC



Learn the basic of starting an ecommerce clothing store


Learn how your choice of business colors has an impact on your message

The Wall of Ideas


Learn the basics of reselling: How and where to sell

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