Choose Your Color, Deliver Your Message

Learn how color can impact how you feel, leading to an emotional response that will result in an action.

Red and tan purse

Often known as the color of love or passion, Red inspires urgency and is a call for action.


Represents growth, harmony, organic, freshness, fertility and naturalness.

Black shoes

Associated with mystery, intrigue, death, evil, formality and strength.

Yellow tee

Represents joy and happiness, but is also used to signal caution, yield or alert.

Braided Belt

Represents honesty and integrity.  Seen as being trustworthy and stable.

Crocodile Belt

Associated with and represents earthiness, stability, structure and support.


Orange (a mix of yellow and red) exudes a sense of warmth or heat.

Purple tee shirt

Associated with, and represents royalty, prestige, luxury and grandiosity.

Studded Belt

Associated with innocence, purity, safety, cleanliness and perfection.

Violet Girl

Meaning of the Color Purple

Yellow Van

Meaning of the Color Yellow

Fashion Models

Meaning of the Color Black

Successful Girl

Meaning of the Color Green

Woman in White Blouse

Meaning of the Color White

Orange on Orange

Meaning of the Color Orange

ShoesPie-green banner-resave.jpg
Fashion Model


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