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This website uses affiliate links. (meaning: when you click a link with suggested products or services, I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase said item or service from that store).


Some sites include cookies (the technology used to remember your last searches or your favorites for that site).  Depending on the guidelines of the affiliate, this site may receive a commission if you make a purchase within a certain period of time. 


The commission received (if any) is a small percentage of your over-all purchase from that site.


Vynes Apparel has some content that is sponsored by Poshmark.  Notification of sponsored ads or videos will be noted in the *media description. (*Media includes, but not limited to: Videos, Ads, Blog Posts, Hyperlinks, Html links)

The opinion expressed by Vynes Apparel will continue to be unbiased, expressing pros and cons in related *media.


Reviews by Vynes Apparel

  • Reviews given on this site are not paid.  Reviews are based strictly on direct experiences, and are shared in an attempt to assist future buyers and investors in being informed about future product purchases.  It is up to the reader to decide on whether to do business with a wholesaler or manufacturer, etc. listed on this site.  Vynes Apparel takes no responsibility for any choices made by a consumer based on any reviews given on this site.

Reviews Based on Customer Average

  • Reviews given for websites are compiled from several different sources and are the average rating based on a broad customer review rating system (for example: if Google customers gave 4 stars, Yelp gave 3 and Facebook gave 5, the overall customer review average would be 4).  Sites with little to no data are not assigned a customer rating as there is insufficient data to compile a reputable average. 

​Website Safety

  • Always be sure to note a websites' security status before making a purchase.  Vynes Apparel is not responsible for any changes to linked websites, but makes every effort to remove broken links and invalid websites.  


The COPPA Rule (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)

This site is suitable for anyone at the legal age to open a legal business.  This site is not intended for individuals under the age of 13. Vynes Apparel takes information security seriously and abides by COPPA by not requesting the personal information of minors.  Learn more about COPPA

In order to join the email subscription for Vynes Apparel email updates, we request your name and email address.  You have the right to request the information we have on file for you (which will be your name and email address).  You also have the right to delete you account at no charge (as this is a free site that requires no financial investment to benefit from its information). 

Learn more at


When you sign up or contact us for information, your data is not shared or sold to third parties.  Vynes Apparel values your privacy and will not use any information provided to us without explicit consent of the data owner.

As stated in our COPPA Rule Statement, this site is not intended for individuals under the age of 13. 


If it is found that information has been entered onto this site by an individual under the age of 13 without written consent of their guardian parties, we will cease any and all communications that have been generated (email updates) by using the "login/signup" or "contact" options.    We want to ensure that viewers of this site are safe and we take the privacy of every visitor of this site very seriously.

CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act

The CCPA was passed in order for Californians to have the right to know what information has been collected about them as well as having the right to request that saved information be deleted.  

Though this law was only passed in California (for now), VALC feels that this should be a right for anyone in any state.

According to the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), California residents have the right to:

  • Know what personal information is being collected about you

  • Know whether your personal information is being sold or who your information is being shared with (this site does Not sell personal information, nor do we share personal information)

  • Say "No" to the sale of your personal information (we do not sell the information of visitors' personal information)

  • You have the right to access your information (we only request your email address for email subscriptions)

  • You have the right to receive equal service, even when practicing your privacy right.  (Please note: if you choose to receive email notifications, you email address is required as we would have no other way to transmit correspondence).

If you live in California, or any other state, you have the right to request the information that we have saved for you and you have the right to request that we delete this information.  Please visit the contact page to enter your request to learn the personal information we have stored for you or delete your account to stop receiving email notifications.


(Coming Soon)

Unlimited Template Access

  • Templates in PDF format for multi-platform compatibility

  • Letterhead, business cards, etc

Exclusive Media

  • Videos

  • Tutorials

Pricing Details

  • $3.99 Monthly

  • Cancel anytime


Member Showcase is a blog series dedicated to clothing small businesses.  If you would like to have an article included on our blog about your business. 


*When submitting your request, the following information is required:

  • The Name of Your Business

  • Your Position in the Business (Owner, CEO, etc)

  • Your Website Address (ex:

  • Business Time Frame (How long have you been running your business?)

Showcase Benefits

  • SEO and keyword settings are used to bring attention to your post and your business

  • Post remains online forever, unless removal is requested

  • Article will be researched and written within 30 days


Must be a VALC member (join for free)

Your business must be fashion or business related.  This includes, but not limited to:

  • Clothing

  • Small Businesses

  • Fashion Related (Accessories: Jewelry, Nail Technicians, Hair & Make-up, Barbers, etc)

  • Products for Small Business

Content that will NOT be qualify for the showcase:

  • Illegal subject matter

  • Sites not related to fashion or small business

  • Obscene content

  • Websites that are not secure

Cost to Participate

  • Was $39 | Now $7.99

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the price for this service has been discounted to help counteract the economic impact on small businesses.  

*Please be sure to fill out the review form in it's entirety.  


Payments for chosen products are due at the time of checkout.  Payment options are limited to debit or credit cards (cash/check or "pay upon delivery" options are not accepted/available).

Transactions are secured by SSL payment verification for safe and secure buying experiences.  


Use the Contact Us form for further questions regarding order inquiries.


*Product download refunds are not available, but you can request an investigation to be conducted if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.  At that time, Vynes Apparel may conclude that you are eligible for one (1) replacement of the same type and price.  (Ex: if the initial product is a Letterhead PDF at $3.99, the replacement item will need to be a Letterhead PDF at $3.99) 

Visit the Contact page for further inquiries

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